Biography - English

Be bombarded by blast beats! Have bright lights flashed in your face! Experience ethereal ecstasy! Be struck by sensational sounds!

Foul is a band with an inexhaustible passion for music. Combining polyrhythms, blast beats, ballads and chaos with Blues, Progressive Rock and Classical influences to create a sound that is unlike any other. Foul started to make its first tunes in 2009. After a long journey of discussions and experimentations Foul decided the genre played should be called: 'Space Metal', a genre that is both exquisitely genius and absolutely mentally challenging.

While the history of the original founding of Foul remains obfuscated, what we do know is that Foul was born in Groningen and that 'Drummer' never wears a shirt. Rumour has it he was born without one.. He is talented at blast beats and stopping people from having a productive time, all while keeping his signature ‘Drummer’ face.

‘Drummer’ wins. This is not debatable.

The guitarists play on custom handmade guitars designed and forged by KlaverGuitars© in the Forge of Happiness. His inspiration originated from spiritual encounters of the space kind. Niels is able to make your mind explode while in awe of pissing yourself from laughter, a trait he knows how to exploit and uses wisely.
Hear the sound of a million angry bees followed by a horde of fierce drunken Irishmen? That must be Ramon ‘Middle Finger’ Schaafsma! Please listen to him, it is the only way he can safely express the extreme torrent of vile unadulterated, barely controllable hatred that is raging inside him waiting to burst out in sickening acts of violence and love crimes. Or die.

Shrill shrieks and raspy unfiltered social commentary are provided by Robbie ‘Robbelær’. Driven by an uncontrollable urge to bring his interpretive dance to the big stage, he will dazzle you with an athletic vaudeville inspired routine. He also Grunn’ts.

Anton, 'the Cave Giant ', found his destiny in wielding the mighty 6 string bass to fatten the sound. Loud enough to test the structural integrity of buildings and naked enough to have you go home without your significant other tonight. Few can resist the overwhelming and all-consuming experience of him handling his sweaty thick strings. It is said that Anton was Genghis Khan in a previous life.

Songs are written by individual band members on old typewriters, sent by post and edited with white-out. Both the FBI and the CIA have examined these highly encrypted letters and deemed them to be ‘not a threat to international security’. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Biografie - Nederlands

Laat je bombarderen door blast beats en door felle lichten flitsten in je gezicht!
Ervaar etherische extase.
Laat je overweldigen door sensationele geluiden...

Foul is een band met een onuitputtelijke passie voor muziek. Door een combinatie van polyritmes, blast beats, ballads en chaos met Blues, Progressieve rock en klassieke invloeden maakt Foul een onvergelijkbare sound.

Foul begon voor het eerst geluid te maken in 2009. Na een lange reis van discussies en experimenten besloot Foul dat een nieuw genre gespeeld moest worden: 'Space Metal', een genre dat zowel prachtig geniaal als absoluut mentaal uitdagend is.
Hoewel de geschiedenis van de oorspronkelijke oprichters van Foul in sluiers gehuld is, weten we wel dat Foul werd geboren in Groningen.
Nummers zijn geschreven door individuele bandleden op oude typemachines, per post en bewerkt met Tipp-ex. Zowel de FBI als de CIA hebben deze zeer gecodeerde brieven onderzocht en achtte hen 'geen bedreiging voor de internationale veiligheid'. Ze hebben gelijk.